80 Amazing Examples of Typography Portrait


1. Morgan Porterfield Freeman Jr. Portrait :- This text drawing A Man of His Word is created by Straye-Close . In text designer user some names of the people he’s played in those films .

Typography Portrait

2. Tribute to the Dalai Lama :- This typographic portrait is created by yatu-ex . Artist used Dalai Lama’s speech and other significant words from teachings .

Typography Portrait

3. Albert Einstein Typography :- This amazing typography portrait is created by Nixiejoja . Designer used Photoshop CS5 and combination of all words used for this Genius .

4. ‘The Dream” Martin Luther King :- This portrait of the great Martin Luther King is created by Jonas Fleuraime . In this drawing designer used entire speech “I Have A Dream ” and you can find every single word inside it .

5. “Redemption Song” Bob Marley :- This amazing example of typography portrait is created by Jonas Fleuraime . This text image consist the lyrics of Redemption Song .

6. Technologic-Daft Punk :- This typographic portrait of artist Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo is created by Jonas Fleuraime . Designer is a great fan of this artist and used his lyrics of favorite Daft Punk songs .

7. Michael Jackson :- This text portrait is created by BenHeine . He used Michael biography texts to create this image .

8. Steven Paul Jobs Portrait :- This typeface-driven typography design is created by Dylanroscover .

9. Burdened Text Portrait :- This portrait of Obama is also created by Dylanroscover . Graphic designer used 12,680 individual characters to create this masterpiece .

10. Dark Typography :- This portrait is created by DarreToBe and dedicated to Hindu scripture, Bhagavad Gita .

11. Mother Teresa in Type Face :- This typography artwork is created by Dencii . It is created in Adobe Illustrator with Bickham Script Pro.

12. Martin Luther King, Jr Portrait :- This amazing typography “Let us all dream together” is created by Dencii . Designer used Bickham Script Pro font characters and Adobe Illustrator CS3 .

13. RickRoll in Type Face :- This portrait of Rick Astley is created by Dencii .

14. Mahatma Gandhi in Type :- The Portrait of Father of the Nation is created by Dencii .

15. John Lennon in TypeFace :- This portrait is create Dencii for Typography class project .

16. What Lies Within :- This typography portrait is created by Um0p3pisdn . Artist used Impact (transformed/distorted) font in Adobe Photoshop CS5 for this text artwork .

17. Never Summer Typography :- This portrait is created by Um0p3pisdn . Text Art designer used PS CS5 and Franklin gothic heavy & medium fonts .

Typography Portrait

18. Gateway to our Soul :- This typographic portrait of girl is created by Um0p3pisdn . Graphic designer used Photoshop CS5 and different fonts like Impact , Impacted and 007 GoldenEye .

19. Thom Yorke Portrait :- This typography artwork of Thom Yorke is created by Axlesax . Designer used “How to disappear completely” lyrics in this text art .

20. Self Portrait :- This amazing typography portrait is created by sALuUm . Text artist used Illustrator plus for drawing and photoshop for post-work .

21. Barack Obama Portrait :- In this text image you can find repeated instances of ‘HOPE’ , ‘CHANGE’ , and ‘YES WE CAN’.

22. Lesbian Typography Portrait :- This text art design is created by Icentaurus .This creative art don’t give any erotic message like a tittle of project .

23. All About Type Face :- This typography portrait is created by Vladworks .

24. GAY Text Portrait :- Here is one more amazing examples of typography portraits created by Icentaurus . Idea behind portrait scene is very nice and man ontop is wearing a wedding ring + tie .

25. Bisexual Typography Portrait :- This best text portrait is created by Icentaurus . This text artist has almost created a love series on all type or relations .

26. William Shakespeare Text Portrait :- This typography image is created by Yelnoc .The writing on text art is from Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

27. Typographic Portrait :- This Text art image is created for the cover of Advanced Photoshop issue 61 by Staceygrove .

28. Michael Jackson Typeface :- This amazing typography portrait is created by PhreshSoldier . In this typography designer used more than 30,000 texts from “Michael Jackson Your Music Will Live Forever” .

29. Michael Jordan Typeface :- Here is one more amazing typography portrait created by PhreshSoldier . In this text image artist used over 20,000 texts on Michael Jordan accomplishment and all his inspiring quotes and all his greatest games and moments ever.

30. Muhammad Ali Typeface Portrait :- One of the best Typography design created by PhreshSoldier . Graphic designer used over 20,500 Texts to finish this text portrait .

Typography Portrait

31. Typography Self Portrait :- This text image is created by ChrisDuffel .

32. Typography Self Portrait :- This facetype is created by Manders112089 . Artwork design is based on thinking concept , holding one ear can be noticed in such situations or you can say that few people have habit .

33. Albert Einstein Word Portrait :- This amazing typography image is created by Jeff Clark . Designer used one word “Genius” to compose whole portrait .

34. Dennis Hopper Word Potrait :- This typography is a tribute to Dennis Lee Hopper and created by JuanOsborne . Most words used in this text image are ‘one’, ‘great’, ‘movie’, ‘man’.

35. Child of Korn Typography :- This portrait is created by LaviTheKID . Designer used lyrics from Korn songs to draw this artwork .

36. 365 day 55 Bono :- This typographic portrait is created by Korikian . Designer used Bono’s different lyrics like All I want is you etc .

37. Come Back to Bed :- This typography portrait of John Mayer is created by Pixichik118 . Graphic designer used John Mayer lyrics words to create this text drawing .

38. Dance With My Father Typography :- This is amazing typography text portrait created by Raw-Emotion and dedicated to Dad and used my Father’s lyrics for creation .

39. Philippians Typography Portrait :- This text based image is dedicated to Philippians and created by Elf-Shadow . Designer the entire book of Philippians on this artwork .

40. Type Face Portrait :- This text based image is created by Marczsewski . Designer created his own self portrait , combining several daily life words .

41. Self Portrait :- This typography word image is created by Exquision .

42. Screaming Typography :- This amazing artistic image is created by Gobline . Designer used PS 7 AND CS3 .

Typography Portrait

43. Je T’aime Typography :- This text based images is created by Carlos . Designer used 2 songs lyrics Quiere by Pedro Guerra and Peces de ciudad by Joaquin Sabina .

44. Michael Jackson Typography :- One more amazing portrait dedicated to King of Pop created by LLacerda . Designer used MJ songs Lyrics to create this text based image .

45. Kurt Cobain Nirvana Portrait :- This amazing typography of Kurt Cobain portrait is created by JuanOsborne . Designer used Nirvana lyrics for this text based image .

46. Woman in Words Typography :- Here Is one more amazing examples of typography created by JuanOsborne . Designer used highly subjective list of over 140 words for this text image .

47. Lauren Bacall Typography :- This portrait is created by JuanOsborne and dedicated to Lauren Bacall . Designer used five movie titles of here in design and ask users to find them out as a word game .

48. Playing with Bogart Portrait :- It is amazing typography artwork created by JuanOsborne . Artist ask you to find ten words belonging to the titles of Humphrey Bogart movies.

49. Mahatma Gandhi Typography :- It is a creative portrait of Mahatma Gandhi  designer by JuanOsborne . Text artist used one of his quotes “You must be the change you want to see in the world” for this image .

50. Warhol’s Revenge Portrait :- Here is one more amazing typography created by JuanOsborne . It is time for Andy Warhol to get a little bit of his own medicine.

51. My Personal Story Part I :- This typography portrait is created by Kwokidile .

52. Beautiful Boogieman Typography :- This unique combination of typography with calligraphy in this portrait look nice and created by Cris Wicks .

53. Mr. Marley Portrait :- It is amazing typography artwork created by Cris Wicks . This text based image contains different Bob Marley Song lyrics .

Typography Portrait

54. Lyric Portrait 2nd Attempt :- This is one of the best typographic portrait design created by Cris Wicks . Text based images contains good combination of colors and type face .

55. Nelly Furtado Typographic Portrait :- This creative text based artwork is created by Linh Chi . Designer used Singer name in whole typeface .

56. Typographic Portrait of Grigore Vieru :- This cool text based images is designed by Denis Foca .

57. Typography Portrait :- This typographic illustration artwork is created by Maris Hartmanis .

58. The Joker Portrait :- This typography portrait artwork is created by Caitlyn Mayers and based on movie character from batman series .

59. Typographical Face :- This typographic illustration design is created by Rafael Boo .

60. Jimi Hendrix Typography Poster :- This typography illustration is created by Marcus Mackey . Designer used the lyrics from several of his songs to create type face of Jimi Hendrix .

61. Human Typographic Illustration :- This amazing portrait is created by Miss Dee . Designer used photoshop and a digital 3D face to place the text at accurate place .

62. Scarlett I. Johansson Portrait :- This stunning typography is created lVlorf3us . Designer used every single word is from IMDB , photoshop and completed it in 32h 15min of intensive work . You must visit and check its full 3508×2480 resolution for reading it .

63. Typography Self Portrait :- This creative portrait typographic illustration is created by Colourintense .

64. E.B. Portrait :- This amazing typography word design created by Akeiron . Designer used every single word of Private commission and poster on in his place manually .

65. Self Portrait :- This is a self typographic word image of Lisa Marie Eva created by herself .

Typography Portrait

66. Weiland Type :- This is a amazing portrait of Scott Weiland (singer of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver) created by CaliburlessSoul . Designer used singer lyrics of “Sex Type Thing” in this word portrait .

67. WIP Typography Portrait :- This amazing typographic artwork is created by TheWorldIsTooSmall .

68. Lyric Portrait :- This beautiful portrait typography is created Dumblicious .

69. Angelina Jolie Typography :- This cool text artwork is created by Bart Raymaekers .

70. Slavocracy Typography :- This creative typographic illustration artwork is created by Ludovic Cordelières .

71. Typography Tutorial :- This amazing typographic portrait tutorial is created by Naldzgraphics.net . In this tutorial yu can learn , how to create a amazing typographic portrait in Photoshop .

72. Typography Portrait :- This typographic artwork is based on Abduzeedo.com tutorial and created by Ct0378 . Designer used PS CS4 and Lord prayer in this text based image .

73. Lady Gaga Typography Portrait :- This beautiful text portrait is created by Skye Shettles .

74. John Lennon Typographic Portrait :- This amazing typography artwork is created by Polygon Dom .

75. Will I Am Typography :- This amazing typography portrait is created by Sophie Beddall . Designer used many song titles on this text image .

76. Utada Hikaru Typo Portrait :- This amazing text based image is created by Ashed Dreams .

77. B.A Portrait :- This amazing portrait typography is created by CaptainBoneDaddy . Designer used song text from “treat your mother right” for this text image artwork .

78. We Are Made Of Words Typo :- This typography artwork is created by Sunfairyx . Graphic designer used Adobe Illustrator CS and 16 different lyrics to generate text portrait .

79. In Memory of Steve :- This Beautiful text portrait is created by Sreejith Venugopal . This was done to pay tribute to the co-founder and innovator of Apple.


80. Typographic Lindemann :- This digital portrait artwork is created by Kenjilia . Designer used Adobe Illustrator CS5 and two verses of the son “Zerstören” for this word portrait .

Typography Portrait



I have many more examples of typography portrait but will share them soon in second edition of this post .


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