20 Gorgeous iPhone App Presentation Websites


One of the most important aspect when selling a good is its package because this is the most important detail that can transform a person into a buyer. A good package design and a good presentation is more important than the product itself, so a lot of money and resources are being allocated in order to create something great. So, in order to sell a product you need a good package but what happens in the case of virtual goods? For example you can create a package for a web application or in our case, for an Iphone App. So, what can you do in this case? Well, the alternative of a package is creating a website that holds this role. Exactly as the package, this website must be stunning because the exact same rules from the physical marketing are applied here. This website must convince the user just like the package design does. It must make him curious and willing to find out more information about the product and also, as the final act, to buy it.

Therefore, below you can see a collection of 20 gorgeous websites made for presenting iPhone applications.






Weather Neue

Analytiks app





Cheddar app

Local hero



Flight card


Blip me




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