Inspirational Arts Made of Cassette Tapes


With that in thoughts, imaginative arts from all through the environment figured that quite than allowing these white elephants just go to waste why not make an amazing spinoff and make art of out of junk. Many thanks to their innovation, drawn portraits manufactured of cassette tapeshave been a blast. Singers, artists and Hollywood stars became targets of pursuits wherever their portraits grow to be one particular of the members of the art from recycled cassette tapes.

The production of this sort of art is by no suggest an effortless match especially given that articulation, endurance and currently being precise are the core essence, a slight blunder in any phase would cause important disfiguration in the direction of the final result in a whole.

Kung Fu Cassette

The swirls and fluidity of the tapes magnifies the details and opportunities of the martial arts.
imaginative arts


Ghost in the Device- Bob Marley

These dreadlocks arent actually my factor, but I locate it really intriguing that the cassette tapes can be shredded into such fine lines to produce one thing which would seem so opaque.

Ghost in the Device- Lauryn Hill

Wow four total tapes for the massive hairdo!
Ghost in the Machine- Lauryn Hill

Ghost in the Device- Kurt Cobain

Recognize how the tapes flow obviously in the stripes of the shirt, I would not even have figure out its created of tapes if it werent for the cassette right on leading.
Ghost in the Device- Kurt Cobain

Ghost in the Device: The Clash

Ghost in the Machine: The Clash

Ghost in the Machine- The Hendrix Encounter

This is a whole elegance! Seem how the a few cassette tapes are coordinated to sort the entire search.
Ghost in the Device- The Hendrix Experience

Ghost in the Device- Debbie Harry of Blondie

Ghost in the Machine- Debbie Harry of Blondie

Audrey Reclining

Audrey Reclining

Ghost in the Device- Tom Waits

This is a disturbing one particular, its as if the man himself is transformed from the tapes, actually.

Ghost in the Device- Fred and Adele

This 1 boasts a sense of magnificence and it is as if the photo will arrive to dwell at any instant.

Ghost in the Machine: Steven Tyler

Ghost in the Device: Steven Tyler

James Taylor detail

I adore the basic shades, it someway presents out a soothing grayish influence.
James Taylor detail

Ghost in the Machine- Jerry Garcia

Id enjoy to get one of these, in the sort of my granddad, that is.
Ghost in the Device- Jerry Garcia

Ghost in the Device- Madonna

Ghost in the Machine- Madonna

Ghost in the Machine- Aviv Geffen


Ghost in the Machine: John Lennon

Wow, appear at the 3D effects!!
Ghost in the Device: John Lennon

Ghost in the Machine- Ian Astbury

Is it just me or does the ends of the hair would seem bulge outwards, as in out from the paper?

Ghost in the Device Ian Brown

Ah, the lighting would seem to have provided the hair a greasy look.

Ghost in the Device- Betty Davis

Ghost in the Device- Betty Davis

Ghost in the Machine- Bon Jovi

Who could actually say no to this? Rock n roll Bon Jovi!
Ghost in the Device- Bon Jovi



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